Creative career options over 50: getting it right this time

How did you choose your career direction in the past? If you were like most of us, it had something to do with opportunity and availability. There you were, just getting out of the military. Or graduating from college. Or ending school at some other level. Just growing up. A friend was going to work. Other people who majored in your field were working at… A family member said there was an opening. So you got a job. One thing led to another. Promotions occasionally came by; new opportunities opened themselves up for you. There were good years and not so good years. You may have wondered about what else was out there, but you had obligations.

Anyway, here you are: AARP has come calling, Medicare is available or soon will be, and Social Security is headed your way.

Wait! This is the time to do things differently. This time, you know that you have choices. This time, you know that you will consider money, the stress level, the sociability factor, ease of commute, flexibility. Only you can prioritize these factors, only you know that you can’t have it all, only you know what will keep you engaged and growing.

As a career counselor, I know what questions to ask to elicit people’s dream jobs, but I may not know of the special circumstances that will shape their decisions. Please visit my website at if you wish to discuss your own situation. What is important to you in your next career?

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