Job Growth: What’s going on?

According to the Nov., 2007 Occupational Outlook Quarterly, the top two occupations expected to grow between 2006 and 2016 are network systems and data communications analysts and personal and home care aides.
Do these seem contradictory to you? Is this a morality tale about education and success?
I think they are more complementary than contradictory. If we look closely at these two positions, they are a reflection of the world of today and tomorrow. Technology will be a ruling force, and many workers will be needed to install, maintain, repair, and instruct the rest of us on how to live in this brave new world. They will be rewarded handsomely in their salaries.
In addition, people will live longer with a variety of ailments, the treatment of disease will become more sophisticated, and people will need assistance as they survive what was once impossible. Someone will administer medication and supervise daily care. Many workers will be needed, and they will not necessarily be rewarded financially. Unfortunately, their rewards will more emotional than financial, as they seek to provide comfort, safety, and an enhanced quality of life for their patients
This information is available to job changers and choosers of all ages. Which path do you choose? What do you see the young person in your life choosing? The systems/data analysts will require a bachelor’s degree. The personal/home care aides will require short-term on-the-job training.
For more information on occupational change in this decade, you can visit
If you wish to examine your particular background or credentials to see how you will fare in the future, please visit to see if career counseling can help you. Career decision-making involves information about the occupational outlook as well as personal desires.

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