Career Decisions and Spirituality

What does your spiritual view have to do with your career choice? Whether you approach your job search prayerfully, thoughtfully, or with a concern for the environment, I believe that you make your choices based on a conviction that your work should count.
Do you follow the teaching of your religious framework?
Paul wrote a letter to the Christians in Rome in which he said,

A teacher should employ his gift in teaching, and one who has the gift of stirring speech should use it to stir his hearers. If you give to charity, give with all your heart; if you are a leader, exert yourself to lead.

Mark Twain put it this way:

Always do what is right. This will surprise some people and astonish the rest.

Whether in a sacred or a secular context, there is guidance all around us, exhorting us to do the right thing. I think this voice that urges us to be responsible adults should be audible to people as they go to interviews, negotiate salaries, and accept or decline positions.

What spiritual guidance do you seek/find as you engage in your job search? If you would like to identify that inner voice and apply it to your career decision-making, please contact me through my website at


One Response to “Career Decisions and Spirituality”

  1. Julie Says:

    I believe that we are created by God and He molds us into the people we become. That includes our gifts, desires, abilities, and dreams. I believe we are accountable to Him for our life decisions. If we seek His guidance and trust His involvement in our paths, He knows what He has in mind for our vocations. The Heavenly Father is the Ultimate career coach!

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