Job Satisfaction: getting recognized

I’ve been reading a book with the catchy title The Three Signs of a Miserable Job by Patrick Lencioni. The book is readable, entertaining, and highly enlightening. In this posting and the two that will follow, I will summarize key points of the book. You will learn that it’s not the objective position itself, but rather the way workers are treated, that determine if the job is miserable. Lencioni has identified three factors that contribute to this misery.
The first trait is anonymity. By this, the author means whether or not your work is recognized and acknowledged by others. Is your name on it? Is credit given in meetings when discussing the work? Does anyone thank you? If not, you are on your way to misery on the job.
Notice that preventing this trait costs no money at all. It takes a bit of time and thoughtfulness, but eliminating anonymity can add greatly to one’s satisfaction and commitment to the job.

Doesn’t this have something to do with customer service? Yes, it does. If you are a manager, please read this book and start making changes. You will be surprised at what can happen. If you treat the people of your team with respect, beginning with credit for their contributions, you might see a ripple of appreciation spread throughout your organization and into the world of your external customers.

If you are not a manager, start acknowledging the efforts and contributions of your co-workers. You might be the only one who is doing it, and a revolution in appreciation could break out! Sometimes effective management really does boil down to the golden rule. You can read the entire review at

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