Job Satisfaction: how is it measured?

Patrick Lencioni has identified the word immeasurement as the third characteristic of a miserable job. It’s an unwieldy word that can contribute to burn-out if not headed off. He defines immeasurement as the inability to gauge one’s performance and progress. Does your job have agreed-upon standards, or does someone just arbitrarily decide if you are doing a good job?

Many people have experienced an explosion of job responsibilities in recent years. When someone resigns, his/her work is often re-distributed among co-workers. So it is not reasonable to expect one’s standards and workload to remain the same. It is reasonable (and effective) to have one’s responsibilities clearly spelled out.

  • How are you doing on your job?
  • What is a great performance?
  • What is an adequate performance?
  • What is a poor performance for you?

Happy is the worker who knows the answer. If you are a person who knows what measurements are in place to assess your performance, you know what your professional goals are and you know what you need to do to reach them.

Again, congratulations to Patrick Lencioni for The Three Signs of a Miserable Job. I believe he has helped many, many readers clarify their malaise. The author has conveyed these signs clearly and powerfully by storytelling rather than dry management theory. The misery factors (anonymity, relevance, and immeasurement) are clear. Think about your situation. If you realize that you are truly in a miserable job, it is time to do something about it! Please visit my complete book review of Lencioni’s work on Then make an appointment with a career counselor to discuss your situation!

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