The Smithsonian online: information for kids

When you visit Washington, DC, you know to allow more than a day to visit the rich collection of the numerous museums that make up the Smithsonian Institution. From the Hope diamond to Joe Louis’ gloves, from Toscanini’s baton to Neil Armstrong’s astronaut suit, from art treasures to spacecraft, you will gape at the breadth of the collection, be grateful that it is available to you at no cost, and wish you had more time to browse. You will also be happy to introduce your children to America’s treasures.

But wait! There can be more time. You can rest your tired feet, let your fingers do the walking, and encourage your kids to do more exploring. By visiting, they can explore, learn, play, and dream of careers that use these fabulous objects. Stamps, portraits, antique automobiles, rocks, and historic documents will come to life. You don’t know what new object might give way to a quest for more research, a choice in a course elective, or ultimately a career direction.

Today’s young people are exposed to a vast amount of information. Shouldn’t some of it be material that suggest career possibilities? I hope you will encourage your young people to browse on the Smithsonian website. They will enjoy the freedom to explore as they are learning possibilities for the future.

If you would like to speak with a career counselor about the process of career choice, please visit for contact information.

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