Careers for these troubling times

Today’s news is grim. Airlines will be charging for checked luggage. Truckers can’t afford to fill up their tanks. Student loans. Milk prices. Etc. You know the list.

So what does a career counselor think about this? I have a similar reaction to you. The first thing I feel is helpless. I do cut back. I do consolidate car trips. But it doesn’t seem to change much.

I also feel grateful. Grateful that I will survive: tough times call for choices, but I’ll be okay.

What do I say to clients? How do we focus on an effective job search? Here are a few thoughts:

  • If you have a job, hang on to it.
  • Get control of your finances – NOW.
  • Network as you never have in your life. Go places. Call old friends.
  • Learn one more new skill this year. Your competition is very sharp. Be ready.
  • Accomplish something. Have a dazzling success story to tell when that interview finally happens.
  • Be involved in current affairs. The more you study national and international affairs, the more you will know how to position yourself into your next job. There is a connection, you know.
  • Study history – both globally and personally. Tough, turbulent times are always, inevitably, followed by better times.
  • Stay optimistic and let your co-workers and friends see you that way. Being a pessimist in today’s world may make people avoid you, and that’s not what you need.
  • It’s a cliche, but true: an attitude of gratitude doesn’t hurt.

To discuss your job search in these turbulent times, please visit for contact information. And please, share your survival strategies with other readers.

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