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Enthusiasm: never underestimate its power!

June 15, 2008

With the tragic and unexpected death this week of NBC’s Tim Russert, we have all had the opportunity to hear colleagues discuss aspects of Russert’s life.

The list of personality traits that came up the most is short and powerful: authentic, hard-working, well-prepared, logical, thoughtful, enthusiastic. Some of these characteristics were obvious to viewers of Meet the Press, a few were more behind-the-scene.

I was struck by how many people noted Russert’s enthusiasm. We will never forget his twinkling eyes, the tilt of the head toward the program’s guest, the ready smile. I think it was this trait that caught the attention of the viewing public. He appeared to invite us into the political realm where he would explain it all to us – and so he did.

What traits will they say about you on the job?

How will you be remembered?

It’s not that a tragic and early death awaits us all, but it is almost certain that we will leave our current positions. And co-workers will remember you. What words will they choose? It is never too late to add to your legacy on the job. Start now!