The In-house Interview: what to take with you

You’re properly dressed, you’ve thought about what to say about yourself, and now it’s time to consider what to take with you to the interview.

Although you enjoy the home field advantage, you should still be prepared to show examples of your writing, web design, graphics skill, program planning, or any other tangible work samples.

What to bring:

  • your glasses,
  • a copy or two of your resume,
  • a portfolio of work samples (memos, proposal sections, forms you’ve designed, etc.)
  • your most recent performance appraisal,
  • letters of commendation or appreciation,
  • a good pen and a pad of paper,
  • a planner or calendar, possibly to schedule a further meeting.

What not to bring:

  • a drink or your lunch,
  • chewing gum.

And please turn off:

  • your cell phone,
  • your ipod.

Please look like you take this seriously. Even if the meeting is scheduled for your lunch break, unless you are specifically told that this is a lunch meeting, don’t plan to munch through the meeting. (You will find it hard to discuss your qualifications without speaking with your mouth full.)

Why bring a pad of paper and a pen? There are several great uses to make of them. As an idea occurs, jot it down. If someone asks you a question and you don’t have the facts at hand, you can jot down the question for follow-up after the meeting. And of course, it makes you look very organized, serious, and committed to this interview and the opportunity it holds.

If you would like to discuss your unique job situation, please visit my website at for contact information. You will find that a certified career counselor can listen to your story and tailor a career strategy just for you.


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