The In-house Interview: a breath of fresh air

They already know you.

And if they are interviewing outside candidates, they are listening hard to people coming from other work situations. Interviewers often can think that they would like to draw on outside experience.

Please don’t be just plain old you. Known, liked, predictable. Boring.

Surprise your interviewers by being a breath of fresh air. Tell them something they don’t know.

Volunteer work? Find a way to tie it into your qualifications. Maybe you have gained expertise with some new equipment. Maybe you have mingled with a segment of the population which is not in your normal customer base. Maybe you used your vacation to rebuild a hurricane-damaged home. Maybe you’re a dog walker for a shelter or a shut-in neighbor.

Education? Are they aware that you are in a college program? Or that you are considering going for an advanced degree? Or that you are brushing up on a foreign language? Keyboarding? Programming? Don’t forget to bring a current transcript.

Remodeling a piece of property? This is where you have learned new time management skills, new familiarity with goals and budgets, new confidence in using heavy equipment. Plus, it’s a fascinating story that just might make the interview committee see you in a new way.

You can find a way to work in references to outside activities which provide balance to your life as well as enhance your skills. And when you see the interviewer(s) look surprised and interested, you know you have succeeded in making yourself as interesting as any newcomer.

Don’t dwell on the anecdotes, just present them in a sentence or two. Tie your stories to the position you’re applying for, and they can make the case that you have more qualifications than anyone dreamed of. You’re reliable, dependable, ambitious, intelligent, balanced, and full of surprises.

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