A Professional Image for Women: what’s new?

Do you think there is one piece of advice that applies to all women searching for a job? In today’s diverse world, are there any constants for the woman preparing for a job interview?

According to Jessie Alexander, who has the unique and valuable credentials of career counselor and Mary Kay consultant, there are a few things to keep in mind, no matter who you are or what you’re seeking:

  • keep it subtle,
  • keep it fresh and natural,
  • take care of your skin.

Notice that Ms. Alexander’s advice is not specific about color or fashion. Drawing on her years in career advising, educating, and counseling with students of all ages, she listens to the concerns of the customer while developing an appropriate image for her chosen career field. The right skin care, followed by subtle and appropriate make-up, can help transform a woman into that successful person who feels good about herself and what she has to offer.

Still, we may hanker to try new looks and wonder if our friend’s new lipstick would work for us. There is an exciting new way to check it out. Mary Kay now offers a virtual makeover, wherein you can experiment with different shades of lipstick, blush, eyeshadow, hair color and style. You can go to www.marykay.com/jalexander73021 to play with this new tool. It’s fun! You can also have a no-obligation conversation with Jessie Alexander about your career aspirations and the tools you may need to support you in this quest.

Remember, the goal is to present yourself as healthy, immaculate, attractive, and beautiful from the inside out.

You no longer hear about navy blue suits and a brown or black brief case. Now the message is about being confident, prepared, appropriate, qualified, enthusiastic, and ready to work.

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