Enthusiasm: more revealing than you think!

Did you catch President George W. Bush being interviewed by NBC’s Bob Costas at the Olympics in Beijing?

I did, and was reminded of how passionate interests can add sparkle and energy to one’s whole presentation. This man clearly loves athletes and sports. During the interview, he was knowledgeable and chatted easily with the commentator on all aspects of swimming, basketball and beach volleyball. Leaning toward Costas, he laughed easily and looked like a happy man, willing to discuss his youthful years spent in China, riding a bike around the city of Beijing.

If this man were my career client, I would be asking him to describe the last time he was truly happy, and I fantasize that he would mention going to China to watch the Olympics.

Facial expressions don’t lie for long. It’s tiring to force yourself into an interest in something or someone for very long. You can find your true career path by identifying what you really care about. If you don’t know, ask a trusted friend to tell you:

  • when your voice reveals a surge of energy,
  • when your eyes light up with excitement or interest,
  • when positive feedback is particularly well-received,
  • when you say you wish (……) had gone on longer.

I have no idea if George Bush enjoys being the chief executive of the United States. I do believe, however, that he cares deeply about competitive games, and I hope he includes some involvement in sports as his life takes a new direction. Enthusiasm is a powerful career guide.

As all those people the age of Mr. Bush face retirement, I hope they remember that now is the time to move toward areas of passion and commitment, bringing those skills accumulated in jobs that they did/did not get excited about. In the next round of job interviews, remember what it looks like to speak with enthusiasm and energy.

If you would like to discuss finding your enthusiasm and/or letting it point the way to a more satisfying career direction, please visit my website at www.anneheadley.com for contact information. This can be a very exciting process for you.


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