Career Risk-taking: the payoff

Last week I wrote about an upcoming radio appearance on The Career Clinic. I mentioned feeling nervous, albeit recognizing an opportunity to enhance my own skills. Thank you to so many who wrote to wish me well, some of whom listened and sent notes of congratulations. I am blessed with friends like you!

When you extend yourself, you meet some interesting people along the way. The payoff for me was reconnecting with Maureen Anderson, longtime facilitator and career expert. Have you listened for your daily career inspiration? I suggest you bookmark and check it frequently.

Maureen has written a new book called The Career Clinic: 8 Simple Rules for Finding Work You Love. In this book, she has compiled stories of fifty fascinating people, all of whom have taken career steps considered illogical, doomed, and downright impossible, and they are all happier for it.

The stories are organized according to eight threads common to five or six of the career changers. In coming postings, I will be presenting the eight rules, in expectation that they will inspire you to take courage, take charge, and take the plunge toward doing something you love to do.

The postings will begin at the end of October.

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