A Career Secret: Consent to Living a Fuller Life

Say yes.

You’ve probably heard the cliché–it will be the things you didn’t do that you will most regret. So do yourself another favor. Say yes to more of what you’ve always wanted. Make the list, start picking things off, add bigger dreams to the list. Be the person at Thanksgiving dinner with the most stories because you’ve done the most living. You don’t have to say anything at all–the sparkle in your eyes will make a great contribution to the festivities – Maureen Anderson, The Career Clinic, 8 Simple Rules for Finding Work You Love (2008)

Saying yes opens one up to opportunity, adventure, humor, and a new line on your resume.

Saying yes opens you up to ridicule, risk, and even failure. It can also offer a darned good story once you get the whole thing in perspective.

Saying yes can provide fodder for an interview question. I’ve heard stories of applicants being asked to describe something they’ve failed at. Can you imagine saying that you’ve failed at nothing? That would strongly suggest that you haven’t tried very much.

Saying yes can take you in new directions you’d never dream possible. I once heard an experienced career specialist ask a class to list things they were doing now that they couldn’t have imagined doing ten years ago. Whatever appeared on our lists represented a risk, an opportunity, and an adventure in saying yes.

Saying yes is an exercise with infinite career potential. If you need a nudge toward being that more affirmative person, please visit my website at www.anneheadley.com to contact me. I’ll remind you of the possibilities in risk-taking, I’ll help you adjust your resume to reflect your new skills, and I’ll even help you explain your actions if it doesn’t work out (“growth opportunity!”)

Saying yes is a step whose time is now.

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