Resolved: Creative Management for Employers in 2009

As the days of 2008 fade away, employers are  constantly being asked to do more with less. They may feel so stressed that they lose touch with their commitment to the Golden Rule. So here are a few resolutions for employers to keep in mind:

1. Resolve to communicate clearly and completely with your people. That includes information, rumors (labeled as such), and your own concerns and uncertainty.

2. Resolve to use your employees’ gifts to the fullest. These may include attributes not exactly included in their position descriptions, by the way. You never know what gifts reside in the person sitting next to you. And you won’t know unless you ask.

3. Resolve to consider your own people for in-house promotions. It is excellent for morale and loyalty.

4. Resolve to give effective feedback. It is not enough to murmur “great job” periodically. Learn what effective means. (Hint: specific, short, measurable, attainable for starts.) If you need to know more, you can consult any Ken Blanchard or Patrick Lencioni book.

5. Resolve to care about your employees’ lives, families, hobbies, ambitions, or other interests. If you know that someone is pursuing a college degree on week-ends, ask about it from time to time. Offer assistance in some form. Give recognition to family milestones.

6. Resolve to conduct lay-offs with gentleness and empathy. Because the news is so stunning and frightening, the kind things that you are saying may not be absorbed in the moment. So offer a follow-up meeting within a day or so to clarify what is going to happen next. Remember to include what kind of positive reference you will provide, along with any financial package you are offering.

If you would like to speak with an experienced career counselor about enhancing your skills as an employer, please visit my website at for contact information.

Happy New Year!

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