King, Obama, and the rest of us – More than Ready for Change

It’s a week-end filled with reminiscences, grainy black and white film, and interviews with people, most of which are saying something like I can’t believe it.

I can’t believe it either.

We have observed Martin Luther King’s holiday today. As we inaugurate a new president tomorrow, I am delighting in the shining eyes and big smiles of so many who have come to Washington, DC. History is not only grainy, black and white film footage, but also optimism for the future.

I have a dream is not only for yesterday, but for tomorrow.

A step toward Dr. King’s dream of equal opportunity for all has been reached, although total fulfillment eludes us. The audacity of hope has won a decisive presidential election.

As we allow ourselves to smile, to feel hopeful, to believe in the possibilities, I wonder what this means for the wretched economic state we are in. Our questions surely must be:

  • What will the stock market do? Will it reflect our optimism?
  • Will the lay-offs end? Will people spend money again? Will more of us keep our jobs?
  • Will those of us in the field of career development be able to infuse our work with the optimism of those visitors to Washington?
  • Will we look at our clients, smile confidently, and say, yes, you can! ?

I’m sick of the old patterns, such as employers posting job openings and then deciding not to fill them. I’m sick of workers having their hours cut back even as their expenses rise. I’m sick of the layoffs, such as letting loyal employees go while urging them to reapply for lower-paying positions.

I hope that optimism is contagious. I hope that change is here to stay for a while. I hope that the breeze of change blows in economic growth.

What are your thoughts about this special inauguration? What connections do you see between a new president and your career situation?

If you would like to speak with a career counselor about what this change means for you and your career, please visit my website at for contact information.

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