Effective Job Search Strategies: then and now

A popular television game show has contestants looking at the price of some products and guessing if the prices are then or now (then being a few years ago). With a bow of appreciation to The Price is Right, let’s play the same game with job search techniques and strategies.

My colleague, web analyst Ann Poritzky, and I have compiled a list of job search elements for you to determine if they are best described as then or now:

  1. A perfectly-typed resume on high-grade bond paper,
  2. an in-person interview of someone in a field you’d like to enter,
  3. a firm handshake upon meeting,
  4. a stylish, but unobtrusive dark business suit,
  5. a search of anything written about you,
  6. a hand-written thank-you note right after an interview,
  7. careful research of the job situation in your area,
  8. pre-interview research of the organization, its trends and major issues.

Ready to check your answers? Keep reading:

1. More then than now, because of the immediacy of email applications. But don’t forget that follow-up hard copy!

2. Then and now. Never underestimate the power of a face-to-face meeting.

3. Then and now. It’s an unbeatable, unchanging way to make a good impression.

4. Then and now. Your old sweat suit will do when you are home surfing, but a professional appearance ultimately matters.

5. Definitely now! A search takes just a few seconds and can be a real eye-opener. You have to assume that your potential employers are doing it.

6. Then. Ever since the anthrax scares, major organizations are screening their paper mail, and no one can tell you when that letter will be delivered. Regretfully, I grant that email thank-yous meet the requirement of speed and courtesy.

7. Then and now, but now is better, more urgent, and more thorough. It is expected that you will have done some basic research before an interview, and will be able to discuss the employment situation in your county or region.

8. Then and now, but now in more depth than ever. When you go for an interview, you will be expected to have explored the organization’s website in depth and be able to discuss what you saw there. Compliments about ease of navigating will be appreciated, by the way.

I’d love to add to this list. Have you encountered job search techniques that have either stood the test of time or needed updating? Please let me know. My readers will be happy to learn from your insights.

Do you feel that your job search techniques are a bit behind the times? I’d love to speak with you about the possibilities of bringing you into the twenty-first century. Please visit my website at www.anneheadley.com for contact information.

One Response to “Effective Job Search Strategies: then and now”

  1. Jobseeker Says:

    thank you for your sharing, i looking forward to hiring a new job.

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