Good morning: what risk will you take today?

We live in distinctly uncomfortable times. As a career counselor, I think/hear/worry/contemplate the job market on a daily basis. I cling to success stories (yes, I hear them) and am beginning to avoid the tragedies on the evening news because I don’t want to get overwhelmed.

Jobs, money, homes, retirement funds are at risk. If you seek comfort by pulling the blankets higher and retreating for the day, your fears will mount and your sense of helplessness will increase as well.

Here’s a thought: go out today and do something risky. No, obviously I do not advocate driving while under the influence, going without a coat in the cold, or taking the remainder of your savings and buying lottery tickets.

Good risk, however, gives you a good story at the end of the day. Here are some examples:

  • meet the new neighbors,
  • learn a new skill on the job,
  • telephone someone you’ve lost touch with,
  • pick up a different book at the library,
  • express gratitude for something/someone you have taken for granted,
  • clear out a bookshelf of things you will never need again,
  • follow a new recipe for vegetable soup,
  • speak with a co-worker you’ve never known very well,
  • mail the package that has been sitting there staring at you reproachfully.

Does this get you a job? or secure the one you have?

No, I don’t think so. But these small steps clear out some cobwebs and allow new ideas to form. You can network in low-key ways that make people smile (including yourself).

The conclusion will be that your world will be a bit broader or cleaner or neater. Think of it as clearing the decks for the next stage.

What strategies do you have for brightening a day that might not look so promising in the morning?

One Response to “Good morning: what risk will you take today?”

  1. Artie Says:

    Like it or not, life is all about risk. Sooner or later we must risk or nothing gets done. Two things are guaranteed in this life. Taxes and change. Risk (oops that’s three things). 🙂

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