The job interview: one more thing

Have you ever been asked to write something at a job interview?

If you apply for a job in at least one place I have heard about, you will be asked to write the response to a question or two. Why?

Try one of these answers:

  • Did you remember to bring a nice pen or pencil?
  • Did you bring your reading glasses?
  • Can you use appropriate grammar and spelling?
  • Are you literate in English?

Please think about this when preparing for an interview. Pack a pen and a pencil that you’ll be proud to be seen using. Pack your reading glasses if you need them.

And tuck a basic pocket dictionary into your purse or briefcase. You might draw a blank on a word that you normally spell perfectly. And even if you have to look up a word, remember that you look like a careful person who wants the job done right.

If by chance you are not literate in written English, now is the time to acknowledge that. Follow the statement with what you are doing about it.

I’m currently enrolled in an ESL class.”

“I’m attending classes in GED preparation.”

If you have been surprised by unusual interview situations and would like to speak about them with a career counselor, please visit my website at to contact me. You might also leave a comment here and get the reactions of some other readers.

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