Good news in troubled times (2)

What does a career counselor consider good news from clients? Any of the following:

  1. a new job that’s a better fit for the client,
  2. a decision to leave a negative situation and move toward something better,
  3. a decision to stay in place and re-arrange priorities,
  4. a recognition that one needs to update skills and therefore seek more education or training.

Such a change is happening for Nicki. She has gifts that are barely tapped in her jobs, including a passion for the arts and a knack with foreign languages. In this multicultural society, there is plenty of work for her as a translator, but she has the sense of standing still, despite job changes.

After a bout of depression and after taking a good look at her situation, Nikki has made a decision (thus making me happy for reasons 2 and 4 above). She has decided to stop blaming others for being who they are, and work on changing herself. She is applying to graduate school to become more enmeshed in technological communication.

Slow economic times are good for colleges and universities. It’s a great time to acquire new skills and knowledge for use on the other side of this recession. Nikki will emerge from school with a Master’s Degree, enhanced  confidence, an effective network, and readiness to look for a job in a new career.

Well done, Nikki! You’re making a careful decision, planning your financial life responsibly, and investing in your future.

Commitment to further education is an excellent use of these slow times.


One Response to “Good news in troubled times (2)”

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