The Paper Trail that can save a Job

In the Federal Diary of the Washington Post (3/12/2009), there is mention of a proposed cutback of 1400 jobs by the IRS scheduled to take place in Andover and Fitchburg, Massachusetts. One of the stated reasons for this cutback is that these IRS centers are used to process paper tax returns, and more and more people are filing electronically.

Are you thinking the way I am thinking? There is something each taxpayer can do. How about filing our taxes the old-fashioned way? You put your completed form in an envelope and mail it as directed. And you might save someone’s job.

It is so discouraging to watch the news, to see the lines of hundreds of people applying for a few jobs. I feel helpless, even though I’m doing my part to make sure my clients are using the most thorough and appropriate techniques to unearth openings on their own.

I’m grateful to the Federal Diary of the Washington Post for pointing out the situation at IRS processing centers. This is something that each taxpayer can do… right now, in the next few weeks.

See you at the post office!

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