Part-time work: still a golden opportunity

How do you feel about part-time jobs?

  • it doesn’t pay enough to live on,
  • what would I do with the rest of my time?
  • too much responsibility for the time I’m putting in,
  • I’m not included in workplace decisions.

Or consider these points:

  • It’s a foot in the door,
  • I have to start somewhere,
  • I can make myself so essential that they will offer me more work,
  • It’s easier to get this job,
  • I have more time to job-hunt,
  • I have time with my family,
  • The hours may be more flexible,
  • I can keep going to school.

There is wisdom in both lists, because part-time work has its advantages and disadvantages. Maybe your feelings about it are tied in with your life and its components, such as the age of your children, your financial situation, and your educational reality.

There is something else to consider that is much more driven by our critical economy. As unemployment numbers continue to rise, it is important to remember three things:

  1. those numbers from the Labor Department do not include part-time employment.
  2. employers, uncertain about their own futures, lack the confidence to offer full-time jobs, but are willing to offer part-time,
  3. excellent part-time workers will be in a position to be offered full-time slots when economic growth is more established, probably next year.

So yes, if the position is offered to you, if it provides a chance to earn money and gain some worthwhile experience, take it. Take a chance on your future and say yes to part-time work. You may look back and be glad that you did.


3 Responses to “Part-time work: still a golden opportunity”

  1. seventeen Says:

    If only it was as easy as just saying “yes”! I really want a part time job, but it seems impossible to get! Few places are hiring, most places fill up their positions with current employees or their friends/relatives, and the rest turn you away for being overqualified… it’s a long, tough road!
    ^with a recent post just about this topic!

    do you have any advice for securing a job?

    • anneheadley Says:

      I certainly didn’t mean to suggest that it is easy. My point about saying “yes” is that some folks are still holding out for perfection, and I think they need to accept that job situations will be imperfect.
      I agree with your point that many employers fill up the openings with friends, relatives, or friends of friends. Which should suggest that you need a fantastic network, so that you’ll be one of the people they will turn to. If you invest in connections, you’ll be someone’s number one choice – truly.

  2. seventeen Says:

    Thank you for the advice. I am trying to learn the art of networking, but it is slow going!

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