Name-Dropping: the online advantage

Who’s talking about you now?  In today’s challenging job market, you might hope that lots of people are.  And you can make that happen.  

No, I’m not referring to gossip  I’m talking about how to position yourself as someone who does interesting things, who pursues new interests, who is a fascinating person.

Yesterday, I found mention of a good friend and colleague in the week-end section of the local newspaper.  Alice is a professional in the field of web analysis, so I might expect to read about her attending a conference or presenting at it, joining an advisory board that moves federal technology into more effective directions (all of which she has done), but no: this time she was written about for attending a hula-hoop class.

Why is this a career move? Well, of course it didn’t start out that way.  She read about it, took a chance, and went.  And loved it. She couldn’t have known that a reporter would show up and interview participants.  

The career part comes in that she has shown herself to be adventurous, fun, and possessing a playful side.  When employers check her out online (and they will), they will find a new balance in the hits.  Who doesn’t want to meet someone who already sounds like a friend?  And how unique! Not many applicants for a job will find such a delightful reputation that precedes them!

What are they saying about you?  

Strive for a balance of professional activities and fun, in that order of course.  You might find employers eager to meet you.  You’re breaking the ice in advance of your meeting.

If you would like to improve your online reputation, or if you have other career concerns, I’d love to meet with you. You can visit my website at for contact information.

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