Congratulations, New Graduates: now about that job…

Doesn’t everyone out there know a young person who is just completing some aspect of formal education?  From high school to advanced degrees, our graduates are basking in their accomplishments while experiencing a gnawing sense of anxiety about their next steps.  I have a suggestion.

A brand new volume, just out, may have some information for new graduates on getting a federal job.  Get to your nearest bookstore or library and look at Guide to America’s Federal Jobs by Karol Taylor and Janet Ruck. Federal employment is surging in popularity as its virtues of reliability, good pay, and great benefits shine in today’s tough times.  

In Appendix A, you can find a breakdown of the most popular college majors and some typical federal jobs that use that education.  So if you despair because your kid majored in physical education, don’t worry: he or she might qualify as a program analyst or a recreation specialist.

If you know a new graduate in business with real estate credentials, remind that person about opportunities in housing, building management, and contract specialists.  Who knew?

Of course, there’s more to the process than connecting a major to a job possibility, but this is a great place to begin.  So many people feel overwhelmed, not knowing how to relate to these unique job titles.  

Despair no more!  Graduates, even as we salute your accomplishments, we’d like to welcome you to the world of work as soon as possible.  Get this book and begin your research.

Questions?  Please feel free to contact me at for further assistance.


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