Part-Time Jobs: The time is now

The role of the part-time job is essential in measuring the progress of economic recovery.  Because businesses lack confidence as well as deep pockets, they may refuse to offer full-time positions even though they may need the help.  Instead, they are posting half-time jobs.

But you’re a full-time worker, and have been so for all your work life.  What’s with this part-time situation?  

I believe you should say yes if there is something compelling or otherwise appropriate about the offer.  What is good about it?

  • You’re working again, and some money is better than no money,
  • You’re making connections, expanding your network,
  • There might be overtime,
  • You’ll be there as confidence builds and people start spending again,
  • If the company grows, your loyalty and hard work may be rewarded with a full-time position,
  • You’re gaining new skills,
  • You still have energy for the rest of your life, such as family, education, and community activities.

In a flourishing job market, it’s a good thing to hold out for a great situation.  But no one has used the word flourishing to describe today’s work world in recent memory.  You’ve already held out for a time and nothing has happened.  So go ahead – take that part-time offer.  You just may be very glad you did.


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