What do you love?

Here’s a piece of advice to you young people out there, in the quest for your first job (okay, maybe a better job than you have now).

  • What do you love to do?
  • What are you enthusiastic about?
  • What have you been recognized for?

This is not a silly question.  I don’t want to hear answers about beer chugging, evading the law, or cheating in school.

I do want to hear that you love to swim, that you try hard to amuse kids in your babysitting, that you can teach a dog to heel, that you showed some underachieving kids how to graph an algebra problem.

There’s a good chance that this interest of yours is not reflected in your resume.  It probably doesn’t fit in an entry about a restaurant job or your high school curriculum.  But remember that you can always have a section labelled  Extracurricular Activities, Volunteer Work, or Community Involvement.

Your swimming accomplishments don’t relate directly to the office job you’re applying for, but they say good things about you nonetheless.  You probably have a strong competitive streak and a commitment to health and fitness. These traits may add up to a positive work ethic which your new employer will appreciate.

Irrelevant to your job search?  Not at all.  People reading your resume know that you don’t have a lot of job experience, and they will be happy to read about what makes you a unique person.

If you need help in making sure that your resume reflects really good things about you, feel free to contact me.  You may visit my website at www.anneheadley.com for contact information.  The things you love may be what makes an employer want to meet you.


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