Looking back at unemployment: what will you say about it?

I’m speaking to you if you are unemployed, underemployed, or stuck in an unpleasant job because of today’s tight economy.  I know that you listen to experts about the economic recovery, and wonder when the economic recovery will happen for you.  And the answers are not immediately reassuring.

New employment will remain dismal for a few more months.  Economists tell us that full-time jobs are the last step in recovery from a recession.

Is it all bad news?  No!

Someday you’ll be telling your grandchildren about the great recession of ’09 just as many of us heard about the Great Depression from our grandparents.  The story you tell is entirely within your ability to form.  When they ask you what you did, you can be embarrassed to relate that the answer was “not much”, or you can tell them that it was the nudge you needed to get going.

I met a person the other day who is planning to go back home and bake gourmet cupcakes to sell to tourists.  I was skeptical at first, but she convinced me that it is in fact a really good option for a few months.  Not a career, but survival.  And fun.

I know another young person who is enrolling in a short-term nurses’ assistant training program at a community college.  It is possible that she will be employed within the year, bringing in a bit of money while continuing her professional training.

Note that both these examples depend on the support of others.  I am observing that in tough times, families and friends have new opportunities to support each other.  Those who have enough are thinking of others and extending a hand in whatever way they can.

When you tell your story to your grandchildren a few years from now, what will you say about this year?  It is part of your legacy and will live on long after you.  Make it a great story, make it inspiring, make it about the stepping stones to a successful future.


2 Responses to “Looking back at unemployment: what will you say about it?”

  1. ale Says:

    I work two jobs for 4+ yrs now. They are both OK, but Im not overly happy. I feel stuck, bored. With no degree my options seem limited. There must be a better way to work and pay bills? Im happy to have the work. but… some days are tough.

  2. Artie Says:

    one thing to remember. If unemployment is at 10%, that means 90% of the people are still working which is a positive thing!

    People quit, get fired, downsized, retire, die, move, get promoted, etc. So there will always be jobs out there. And you may have to take a bad job or lower paying job for a short time, or several part time jobs to “make ends meet”. Even so, a not-so-great job is better than no job until something better comes along.

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