The Joy of Being Quoted

It’s a professional milestone to be interviewed on a topic one holds dear, and that honor has just happened to me.  Kenya McCullum, a writer on topics in the career field (among others) interviewed me on the topic of the last day on the job: dos and don’ts.  I was happy to share my thoughts because I have plenty of them on the topic.  I’m researching and writing on the subject of how to leave a job, so have a few things to say based on stories I’ve heard.

What does it take to become an expert?  Information, of course, lots of it.  You need people to tell you stories, you need communication to others that you are researching the topic and you need to be willing to talk about it.  Ultimately, you need  recognition. Someone needs to know of your passion, research, sources, and all-around interest in the topic. And in my case, that someone is Maureen Anderson, founder of The Career Clinic. Maureen, a champion networker herself, is generous in sharing names and ideas when possible.  Maureen connected me to an inquiry from Kenya McCullum, and I became one of her sources in a recent article on what to do and not do on the last day of your job.

Read the article!  She connects some valid points made by all kinds of career specialists to the recent resignation of Sarah Palin, herself a controversial figure.  Despite Palin’s polarizing reputation, there is a uniformity of advice from all of McCullum’s sources.  In reading the story, you will find today’s conventional wisdom on behavior for your last day.  You can find it at  Great job, Kenya. I think you enlightened your readers on a topic that all can use at key points on their career paths.


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