A message from The Career Clinic’s Maureen Anderson

Maureen Anderson here, host of The Career Clinic radio show, career blogger at www.thecareerclinic.com, and friend of Anne’s. I’m so happy to fill in for Anne on this post, and I volunteered to do that so I could share–the way we did on the radio recently–my top ten reasons we at The Career Clinic love Anne. Anne didn’t feel right about passing this list along herself, and I understand. Plus as I recently pointed out on my own blog, getting someone else to share your story is the sweetest way to do it, I think. “Don’t take my word for it. Take hers…” So here goes. In no particular order…

1. Anne has spunk, and at The Career Clinic, unlike Lou Grant, we love spunk.
2. Anne experiments with her life, by doing radio interviews–for example (lucky for us), so she has more credibility when she suggests her clients experiment with their lives.
3. She stays on me to do things–like blog–that are good for my career.
4. She lets me stay on her to do things–like write a book about leaving a job with class–that I think are good for her career.
5. She tells me what she thinks I’m doing right.
6. Perhaps more importantly, she cares enough about me and trusts our relationship enough to suggest things I could do better.
7. She posts comments on my blog!
8. She sends me great guest ideas for the radio show.
9. She’s funny, and fun.
10. When I tell her I worry that she isn’t getting enough out of our relationship, she objects–and tells me why in detail.

I am aware that Anne is compiling her 2nd annual Gift Guide for the Unemployed. I propose that we all take the time to appreciate our friends who are out there in the job market by letting them know why they are special to us and why they will be an asset on the next job.  Feel free to take the Late Night format of the Top Ten List to express appreciation  – we all need this feedback.

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