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Thank you!

November 17, 2009

I note that my friend and colleague Maureen Anderson is doing a series of blog postings on saying thanks to key people in her life and career.  Great idea, Maureen!  (In fact, you can drop everything and read this at  I’m going to lift that idea and share my thanks with those who have made 2009 a successful and stimulating year for me.

Today I want to thank my career colleagues, without whom I’d be operating in a vaccuum, going stale fast,  bored with the sound of my own voice.

Here’s to you:

  • Karol Taylor, who as an expert in federal employment, colleague from college teaching days, and neighbor, has enlightened me through phone calls and all-too-rare personal visits.
  • Nancy Abramson and Bruce Ritter, colleagues from my faith community, who with humor and expertise, have shared their considerable ideas and skills,
  • Will Anderson, whose promptness and professional resumes have delighted my clients for several years,
  • Lynne Waymon, networking specialist and consultant, who lives out her message by sharing information and resources before getting anything in return,
  • Ann Poritzky, who offers her expertise in web analytics and design to enhance my career.  Although she’s not a career counselor, she has offered as much connection, introduction, and counsel as any of us.
  • Maureen Anderson, who is dedicated to spreading information about all aspects of career development through her books and weekly radio show.
  • Kim Collins, who specializes in career work with ADD/ADHD clients.  Her understanding of the unique needs of her population is truly amazing.  Check out her blog at

Thank you.  You make my work life more stimulating, more enriched, more current, and more effective.  I am grateful to have such a network.