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Thank you, clients

November 23, 2009

As I consider my work this year, I marvel at how difficult life has been in 2009 for so many people.  And some of you found your way to me.  You think I helped you, and I hope that’s so.  You think I know the answers, or maybe you have figured out that I only know a few of them.

What you don’t know is how much I have learned/been reminded of from you this year.  Here is a sampling:

  • creative people can also be organized, and need help in explaining that to others,
  • organized people yearn to express their creativity, which is also hard to explain,
  • family leave is an excellent time to explore career changes,
  • people can internalize trends in their own professions, which can be depressing indeed,
  • fearful people can take enormous risks,
  • spiritual struggles are hard for some people to express, easy and natural for others,
  • keeping your day job can be okay if you are doing it with a purpose in mind,
  • writers just keep on writing no matter what,
  • new college graduates can get discouraged way too easily in this economy,
  • the most confident-appearing people need positive feedback as much as anyone,
  • career clients are almost all willing to do homework that is specific, not willing to do it if it is vague,
  • career counselors can be struck dumb by their own ignorance sometimes, which may be a good thing.

Thank you for reaching out.  Thank you for keeping your appointments and for coming on time (our horrendous traffic notwithstanding).  Thank you for paying promptly. Thank you for sharing your work experience and your aspirations.  Thank you for showing me your portfolios. Thank you for letting me know how the interview went.  Thank you for recommending me to your friends. Thank you for your amazing understanding when I am forgetful. Thank you for reading my blog and making comments.