Snow job in the best sense of the words

Welcome to the winter wonderland that is Maryland.  I’ve been snowed in for three days now, and  another snowstorm is in sight.  Lots of opportunity for complaining, kvetching, being grateful (very grateful) that I have heat and basic supplies.

And oh yes, an experience that I thought was gone by now.  Yesterday afternoon, there was a hearty knock at the door, and there stood two teen-agers I didn’t know.  They offered to shovel my sidewalk and dig out my car.  We negotiated a price – believe it or not, their initial quote was too low and I made them raise it a bit.

My husband and I are not young, nor do we relish hurting our backs by shoveling out the 25 inches of snow on the flat surfaces and the drifts left by a plow that dwarf our car (not kidding).  And I have a broken foot and a cast to keep dry, along with the order from the orthopedist who said, “Don’t fall.”  So the thought of paying a couple of kids became more and more appealing.  Deal.

I watched them through the half of my window that wasn’t obscured by a drift.  They really worked.  No gloves, no hats – ah, youth.  They dug, tossed, dug, tossed.  And finished the job in about half an hour.  We paid them, thanked them, told them to come back after the next storm.  Little did I know that might be this week.

My thoughts:

  • There are kids who are willing to work,
  • We need to pay people fair wages,
  • As we get older, we need to give up the illusion that we can do everything we used to do,
  • They smiled as they worked because they were having fun,
  • They reminded me that it was a beautiful day.

So thank you, Sabrina and Chris.  You are a hopeful symbol of tomorrow’s workers: you seized the moment, struck a fair deal, and delivered excellent service.  It looked like you were having fun, performing a service, making some money, being together, getting a workout.  You seem like winners to me.


2 Responses to “Snow job in the best sense of the words”

  1. Arthur @ Says:

    Very good that you found some kids and you paid them a fair wage. These days that is rare… I don’t see many kids that want to work today. If you go to yahoo answers in the personal finance area, you will see what i mean. Questions like “how can I make $100 fast or easy”? Oh and don’t say mow grass because I can’t do that. Why? Are you in a wheel chair or bed ridden? (my typical reply).

    Today’s kids want money but don’t care to work for it. They certainly don’t care to mow grass or shovel snow, you know any job that looks like real work.

    • anneheadley Says:

      Arthur, I sometimes think the way you do, but that’s why I was so pleased with this experience during the recent snowfall. It was so reassuring! I think these kids will do well in the world. Thanks for writing.

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