Online resources for jobhunters (2)

Continuing to evaluate the most popular websites for jobhunters as identified by the Department of Labor, I checked out Susan Ireland’s YouTube Playlists.

What a goldmine!  Susan Ireland, known for her expertise in resumes, and author of books and software on the topic, appears in numerous short snippets, each discussing a piece of the resume puzzle.  I know you are interested in the topic – my own resume thoughts, written over a year ago, are still the most frequently visited posts in this blog.

Ireland speaks directly to the viewer in a gentle, understated way.  She covers conventional wisdom about resumes and cover letters, and also branches out into challenges for jobhunters in 2010.  I loved exploring these postings. Her style is warm and low-key, and it felt as though I were having a private consultation.

Along with usual topics on the length, format, hard copy versus e-resumes, and where to put education, the postings that I found the most informative were:

  • the use of urls in your resume and cover letter, including cautions,
  • a discussion of references and how to present this information,
  • what to do when a former employer has gone out of business.

It seems to me that Ireland’s sharing of her expertise is what the internet is about.  I don’t believe that everyone finds a job online.  But information abounds, and I strongly urge you to refer to Ireland’s playlist when revising your resume.  You will be glad you did.

One Response to “Online resources for jobhunters (2)”

  1. susanireland Says:

    Thank you for that very kind review of my YouTube Playlists.

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