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Job Growth: cautionary good news

May 8, 2010

Have you noticed the good and bad news about jobs that have been added to the economy this week?  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, payroll jobs jumped by 290,000 in April, while the unemployment moved up to 9.9% (  At the same time, I saw a tv pundit warning that the new jobs may be part-time, temporary, or contractual.

This is to be expected.  Economists have been warning that permanent, stable jobs are the last to be added in an economic recovery, and we may not see this last step until 2011.  Disappointing news for you job-hunters out there!

Now I’m repeating what I said some months ago.  Take that temp job.   Take the one year assignment if that’s what’s offered.  Very soon, an employer is going to ask you what you did during the recession.  You’ll be proud to say that you accepted part-time/temp/less-than-ideal work because it offered you the chance to maintain/develop your skills as well as support yourself and your family.

You are not alone.  There is a wide band of workers who have been free-lancing for years.  Many of them would gladly turn in their freedom for a predictable job with a steady paycheck.  But others have made peace with the ebb and flow of work opportunities.  I hope they are good money managers and planners.  I hope they are saving for retirement.

Meanwhile, please take the temp job and work hard at it.  One of these months, employers will be confident enough to offer full-time opportunities, and you’ll have an inside advantage.