Dear Readers: Help!

I’m trolling for information from you, or at the very least, a few ideas.  Thoughts.  Reflections.  Hopes.

I’ve been invited to be a guest on The Career Clinic next Saturday, Oct. 2.  It will be a live broadcast, and I’m sure you’d be welcome to call in or send an email.  But first,  I want to hear your ideas on the topic of Career Optimism.

True, the economists have declared the recession over (pause to snicker); in fact, they claim we bottomed out last year.  Well, moving right along… what about you?

I ran this topic past a couple of friends, who said they know people who have given up looking, who refuse to be retrained, who know they have somehow already retired.

Come on, folks.  I don’t think jobs as we know them have come roaring back into possibility, but…

I want to hear from you.

Is there a difference between perception and reality?  If you think so, how do you keep them separate?

I only know from my hard-working clients (and they do work, I know) that interviews job offers do happen.  Therefore, based on these brave folks, I have not given into despair.  I have not stopped the learning process about everything I can find about the job market.  And I have definitely not retired!

Here’s your chance to add a note about your views on the topic.

And here’s your invitation to join us next Saturday, Oct. 1 at The Career Clinic on at noon eastern time, 11:00 central time. Let’s share our sense of realistic optimism.

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