We interrupt this blog…wikileaks!

Yes, I know, I’ve promised a few more thoughts on conducting the job search while on a job from which you’re trying to escape.  And they are coming.

But I need to weigh in on the wikileaks scandal, wherein classified documents have been posted on the internet for all to see.   Advice is swirling around the would-be bearer of a federal security clearance.  A  university here in the Washington D.C. area is cautioning against even visiting the wikileaks site to glance at those documents not intended for your eyes.  The local press has columnists who are also warning against this.

Not a word has been said by any Defense agency or contractor, no one who conducts security checks has uttered a public word.

Is this fair?

Possibly not, but neither is the hiring process.

I have no idea if the wikileaks site is being monitored to see who visits it (duh!), but it is not worth the risk to those who hope to enter federal service.

The clearance process as we understand it from anecdotes is filled with rejections based on innocent-enough actions that look odd to someone.  A young person I know was unclearable because of some recreational drug usage a year or so ago.  Another unclearable person takes a prescribed drug for anxiety when flying.  Please understand that we don’t know if a visit to a controversial site could hurt your chances.

Do you really want to risk it?


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