Jobhunting while working: a few final thoughts

I like to think of jobhunting while still employed as one aspect of career development.  The strategies that make you an effective networking and professional person are those that the successful jobhunter uses.  Who can find fault with:

  • looking your best every single day?
  • taking on new assignments in order to learn one more new thing?
  • joining a brown-bag discussion group?
  • solving a problem for an important client?
  • going the extra mile for a customer?
  • posting a book or product review online that relates to your line of work?

These are actions that reflect on you favorably, whether as an employee or as an applicant for another position. Energy and enthusiasm are sought-after traits in just about any situation.

The opposite of all this activity is lethargy.  I have seen this in the workplace when people have given up.  They have given up being noticed, being complimented, possibly even given up getting a new job.  And guess what – they are right. They won’t be noticed.  They won’t be promoted.  They might end up being declared nonessential.  And you know what happens after that.

So keep your energy high, wear your professionalism proudly.  Keep expanding your knowledge, your skills, and your network.  You never know when wonderful opportunities will present themselves.

I wish you all a very happy and productive new year.  Thank you for sharing your comments, for letting me know via email that you read this blog, and for subscribing.

Let’s hope for a continued economic recovery for 2011, including full-time employment for all you talented people out there.  Let’s keep in touch.

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