Sorry or safe? You call it

The old adage is Better Safe than Sorry.

The challenge from WordPress is Better Sorry than Safe.

I think that’s something to consider in workplace situations.

Better Safe than Sorry:

  • staying in a job you’re bored with,
  • putting up with abuse from co-workers,
  • keeping quiet when someone steals your ideas and claims them,
  • not mentioning ethical violations when you see them.

Better Sorry than Safe:

  • going on that interview even thought it wasn’t followed by an offer,
  • speaking up for a friend being taken advantage of by someone else,
  • confronting incompetence or dishonesty,
  • changing your college major from a safe bet to something that really inspires you.

Yes, I agree.  I picked examples that prove the point.  And you could develop a list to prove the opposite – so could I.

Still, the next time I’m on the brink of quoting that old adage to a young person, I’ll stop myself and ask if I really believe it.

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