Jo March, come back!

If you could bring one fictional character to life for a day, who would it be?  What would you do?

WordPress challenges us to consider this question today, and I didn’t hesitate.  Of course, it would be any of the March girls from Little Women, but which one?

  • Meg because she always knew the right thing to say or do?
  • Jo because her independent ways took her amazing places for a nineteenth-century New Englander?
  • Beth because everyone loved her?
  • Amy because she was so impulsive, she was creative, and in the end, she got Laurie?


I’d welcome Jo most of all because she’d be the most fun.  She used slang (I recall that she said “Christopher Columbus” on occasion). She whistled, and was distinctly unladylike.  She wrote, she brooded, she managed just about everything, and she went to New York to live on her own in an era when few women did.

If Jo came back to the twenty-first century United States, she’d be surprised by how much access most of us have to education and work that we choose. My guess is that she’d challenge me to make more use of my opportunities. Christopher Columbus!  Wouldn’t she have loved blogging?


2 Responses to “Jo March, come back!”

  1. Amy Headley Says:

    Ok you have stumped me. I loved Jo and was sick when Amy won Laurie over but it worked out didn’t it. With her and her little men. How about Snow White. The example she sets for girls is rotten . Eat fruit from strangers, walk into someone’s home & start criticizing, focus on how some day your prince will come,and most tragically the dwarfs who kept vigil by her since she simple-mindedly ate poisoned fruit, are left w/o even a goodbye when a random so called prince whisks her away. Not the best messages for young girls. I’d love to re-make several Disney films for similar reasons. Cinderella, only pretty girls get the guy and only with magic, and she’s rescued only by a prince.
    Sleeping Beauty? Really creepy. She’s sleeping and w/o her consent is kissed to “break a spell”. These are not appropriate life lessons our kids should be taking in,and I’d talk w/the movie creators and make a few suggestions.

    • anneheadley Says:

      I’d love to hear your thoughts on bringing Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty to life for a day and spending time with them. Try being their career counselor! Talk about challenges…

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