Real help for LinkedIn

Have you notice how many people are talking about LinkedIn?  This professionally-oriented social website offers free memberships and connection services for probably millions of people.  I’m one of them and I truly enjoy it.

I’ve found elementary and high school friends as well as college classmates as well as folks from earlier jobs.  Hey, this is fun!  And it’s not really taxing to use.

My interest also extends to encouraging clients to join and update their online profiles.  Here you don’t run into party pictures, baby shots, and vacation stories, just professional publications, conferences, job openings and meetings.

I’ve read varying stories of the percentage of hiring managers who check potential candidates on LinkedIn, and the numbers have moved from 40% to 80% in the past year.  Given this, I don’t see how any job hunter can ignore this tool.  If someone is checking you out, you had better be there with an impressive, truthful, and appropriate profile.

How to do this?  I was recently alerted to a fascinating article  called 50 Intelligent Linkedin Tips that could Change your Life, produced by  Check it out – please – and update your profile and your use of LinkedIn.  It can’t hurt.

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