Hints for Federal Job Seekers

Thank you, Derrick Dortch of the Washington Post.  Today’s column says what I have long explored with clients, only he says it more succinctly.  Don’t be hampered in your federal job search by the title of the agency.  Dortch mentions that teachers will think of the Department of Education.  And I think ex-military people will think of the Departments of Defense, Army, Navy, Air Force, etc.

Fine.  But it’s not enough.

For teachers:  every agency has a training department.

For security-minded people: every agency has a security policy, force, and role to play.

For writers: every agency handles grant applications, press releases, and information requests.

For young people: you don’t have to buy into the prejudice of your elders.  I’ve heard a young person say, “my parents say everyone who works there is crazy.”  Really?  Everyone?  Care to rethink that?

For older people:  you have experience that can take you in a wider range of options than you may have recognized.  You are the sum of many accomplishments, which can be rearranged to appeal to multiple hiring agents.

Times are tough.  Federal jobs are obtained after unbelievably hard work.

Dortsch and I agree: expand your options.  Reach beyond your current perceptions.  Read job vacancy announcements from all kinds of places.  You’ll surprise yourself.


2 Responses to “Hints for Federal Job Seekers”

  1. Maria Says:

    Great post, Anne!

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