Online Career Help Right Now

Would you like a fresh look at your interests and where they can take you?

Having identified those interests, would you like to see what you might do with another layer of education or training?

I discovered a resource which I’ll be recommending to clients and blog followers (the price is right – free!).

It’s an assessment called My Next Move.

While browsing The Career Clinic, one of my favorite sites, I happened upon the podcast of a recent interview with Margaret Riley Dikel, known to so many in the career world for The Riley Guide. The Riley Guide is one of those sites that you visit to be surprised, updated, and inspired by what you find there.  The author of the site does her homework:  she keeps up with what’s happening, and I’m grateful.

Back to My Next Move.  It uses the familiar RIASEC code to identify career options for those who answer its 60 questions.  I’m here to testify that my own answers came out as expected (I’m Artistic, Social and Enterprising).  The examples of jobs in that field did kind of surprise me – along with social service positions, I might be interested in being a professor of architecture, which I find a scary thought, as well as clergyperson, almost as scary. In short, I found the assessment accurate in the large concepts of identifying my interest groups and fun in its illustrations.

So thank you, Maureen, for highlighting the work of such a distinguised guest.  And thank you, Margaret, for all you do to enlighten the rest of us.


2 Responses to “Online Career Help Right Now”

  1. reda Says:

    I found this article very informative.

    The following blog has great articles on office politics

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