Career Day – Help!

I’ve been invited to be a guest at two elementary school Career Days this spring, and the first one is coming up in two days.  I’m thinking.  And I’m soliciting advice.

How do I present the field of career counseling?  How do I talk about running my own business?

I consulted my 13-year-old grandson and he had plenty of advice:

  • Speak slowly to the little kids.
  • Don’t use big words.
  • Bring some neat-o stuff to show.
Well, that’s a bit helpful.  About the neat-o stuff, would business cards suffice?
Maybe I’m wondering what I wish I had been told in elementary school.  It’s a blur – was there such a thing as career education in the 1950s?  Was I listening?  Did anyone bring in neat-o stuff?
 I’m open to advice.

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