Thoughts on using social media

I came across a well-written blog posting today, by author Shawn Graham, who is known by me as the author of Courting your Career: Match Yourself with the Perfect Job.  Shawn has just launched a beautiful website promoting his career and marketing business (I hope I said that right), and his site has been nominated for an award for its design and content.

Here’s what I liked about Shawn’s blog posting:  in discussing the prominent social media sites, he reminds us that we need to be where our customers are.  He says we need to have specific goals before participating in these sites.

I’m really happy on LinkedIn.  It works for me.  I understand it.  I check it.  I rejoice to read status updates from friends and colleagues.  I even add a few updates myself from time to time.  And Shawn’s posting gives me permission to do that.  I take from him that I should know where my customers are and meet them there.  I need to remember that when potential customers are no longer contacting me, I will need to check out these other resources, but that’s not for today.

Thanks, Shawn.  Now I realize that I’m not just stingy with my time and energy.  I prefer to stick with one resource that is working.  That’s a clarification that’s important for me.

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