Ideas for blogging

WordPress postaweek wants to know from where we get our ideas to blog.  Sources are everywhere!

  • from clients,
  • from the news,
  • from conversations,
  • from other blogs and websites.
From clients:  someone mentioned recently that she is too tired to be creative.  I think I understand that.  Something to ponder.
From the news:  a recent story in the local paper told of a woman attending the president’s Town Meeting at the Newseum, who mentioned that she is losing her federal job.  He spoke briefly with her, and later that day she got a call from someone in the administration offering further assistance.  It’s not that all of us can catch the ear of the president, but we all have access to new people, and you never know….
From conversations: the other day, I was a guest at a career day at Barack Obama Elementary School in Upper Marlboro, MD.  A young man shared that he is feeling pressured by his parents to become a doctor, when in fact, he has some other ideas, such as a career in law enforcement of some kind. Even the very young need to be listened to and encouraged.
From other blogs and websites: when all else fails, I can visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics website and find information I didn’t know before.  You can, too.

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