When one size doesn’t fit all; trying on a new resume format

It’s a lot of work, choosing, editing, and then formatting your resume.  And then there’s feedback:

  • I can’t tell from this what you want to do…
  • I thought you wanted to do something different…
  • This is too long/short/choppy/flowery.
Wait – there is a way to try on formats with no work at all.  I just finished playing with a feature on LinkedIn that was new to me.  You can let LinkedIn do the work for you in a handful of different formats, allowing you to see yourself the way an employer would.  Then you can decide for yourself which one shows you to the best advantage.
Ready, you LinkedIn members?  Go to Resume Finder and then start choosing and clicking.  Amazing.  I’m grateful to the people at Fastcompany.com for calling attention to this tool.  I never knew you could acquire a handful of resumes by an equal number of clicks.  Worth exploring!
And if you don’t like the resume content, it might be time to revisit your LinkedIn profile and bring it up to date. This is, after all, what people are reading about you.  It is your informal, online resume, for better or for worse.  Make it for better.

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