What do you care about?

This is a question I use in doing an intake with a client.  It might sound like this:

  • For what you would make a speech by choice?
  • What do you feel passionately about?
  • About what might you go into a rant?
And I get answers.  I hear about the environment, politics (but less than you would think), the well-being of children, the safety of food, animal welfare, and senior citizens. Nobody says there’s nothing.
This is huge to me. From this list of passions, you can take your skills, interests, and personality, and consider a career in a place where others share your concerns.  No, we won’t agree on everything.  But we can agree to get excited about it.
As for me, I care about recycling, healthy eating, gas mileage, family ties, personal advancement, and enduring friendships.  I care about community and caring.  Stray cats.  Old china. The ten commandments.  I can go on and on.   Do these things contribute to being a career counselor?  I like to think that  they do, partly because they remind me to listen to what makes you unique and interesting.  Because you are.
What do you care about?

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