Reflections on July 4

Of the benefits bestowed on our nation over two hundred years ago, the thing I’ve come to value the most is the pursuit of happiness.

We know that this doesn’t mean the right to be handed happiness.  Sorry, it’s not an entitlement program.

Remember, the pursuit of happiness is an action.  Most of us will spend a lifetime on the path to happiness.

You don’t like your job?  You’re not going to be handed a new one, but you are entitled to study, prepare, plan and dream of one that is more compatible.  You are entitled to declare your desire for change and take the necessary steps.

You don’t like feeling behind the times?  Your community college is right around the corner and an online course is as near as your desk.

The pursuit of happiness is not easy, not cheap, not guaranteed to be successful.  Being mired in mediocrity isn’t so great, either.

Go for it – you have the constitutional right.


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