How many friends do you have?

The folks at WordPress have asked us to ponder how many friends we have.

I  find this question important as a career counselor.  The answer becomes a tool for maintaining rapport and empathy with another person.

With a person who seems to have many friends, I assume that he or she also wants many interests, many tasks in a day’s work.  Keep it interesting!  Stimulating!

With a person of a few friends of many years’ duration, I can guess that loyalty and autonomy are desired workplace conditions. Here’s someone who cries out for trust, depth, and self-structuring at work.

I’m sometimes wrong about these assumptions, but not often.  These connections come from the characteristics of extraverts and introverts, from the Jung-based Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

A few friends or many?   That depends on who you are.

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