Should your week-end be longer?

WordPress asks us to consider if the week-end should be longer than two days, and if so, what would we do with that time?

Consider the larger question of flexible work schedules.  There are now enlightened workplaces that allow four long work-days and a day off every week to two weeks – however the hours work out.

Results? Let me guess:

  • happier employees who do not use their sick leave for routine family business,
  • a way to motivate employees without additional money,
  • a more organized workplace, where people need to meet goals and communicate with colleagues and customers,
  • more parental involvement in schools and activities,
  • possibly less sleep deprivation.
This is a highly unscientific list – the points are drawn from my own experience as well as those of clients and friends.
When talking about work schedules, flexibility comes up so often! That concept is what creative people want.  It’s what families want.  And those with eldercare issues. Errands. College courses.  Household repairs.  And so much more.
If the question of longer week-ends invoked thoughts of extended trips to the beach, well, I thought that, too, at first.  If that is what you want, then drive safely and don’t forget the sunscreen.
But for those of us with all kinds of responsibilities, it sounds like a chance to catch a breath.  Nothing wrong with that.
One organization at a time, it is happening.  Call it flextime or staggered work schedules, it is a huge boost to employee morale.
Yes!  Week-ends should be longer.

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